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    Welcome to the official website of Shanghai Yiyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd!

    Focus on tailoring for customers

    Direct sales, customized on demand, lifetime warranty



    • 空調維保
    • 上海中央空調工程
    • 上??照{設計
    YiyuanProduct display
    Years of ingenuity manufacturing, professional customization, personalized choice
    YiyuanFour featuresCombination of beauty and practicality
    Focus on every detail, just because we know your needs better
    YiyuanClassic cases
    Classic cases are all over the country, witnessed by more than 180 five-star hotels

    Four advantages

    Classic cases all over the country, manufacturers carefully, users at ease

    The choice of brand enterprises

    A manufacturer specialized in R&D, production and installation.Introduce professional technology, modern factory, large-scale customized partition production base, strong strength, and produce high-quality products.

    Customized solution

    One-to-one tailored system,Provide professional services for star hotels, government and enterprise units, meeting rooms, etc.


    All kinds

    Stable supply of first-hand genuine goods from manufacturers,Long-term cooperation with large-scale logistics, timeliness guarantee, cargo safety.

    Intimate service

    Network service system covering the whole country,Butler-style one-on-one order tracking, regular after-sales visits.Free door-to-door measuring ruler, free design, free installation.

    Shanghai Yiyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

    Shanghai Yiyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a private limited liability company registered on March 9, 2010. It is a professional company specializing in the design and installation of central air conditioning engineering, ventilation engineering design and installation, central air conditioning equipment and refrigeration equipment maintenance. The company's main business involves central air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, floor heating, water supply and drainage, kitchen equipment, environmental protection, intelligence, electrical and mechanical installation and maintenance services for shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, factories, villas and other types of construction projects.

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    We provide personalized service and cooperation for every buyer
    Journalismreal-time info
    Focus on real-time information and learn more
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    Contact: Qian Lisheng

    Mobile phone: 13761167936

    Telephone: 021-61637237

    Mailbox: zbhqls@163.com

    Address: No. 27, Lane 5288, Hunan Road, Hangtou Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

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